Ivan Zvonkov

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Machine learning at NASA Harvest,
Incoming PhD Student at Arizona State University
Interests: ML systems, use-inspired research, nature

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I am a Machine Learning Engineer at NASA Harvest where I work on scaling up machine learning research relating to agriculture and food security. I am also an incoming PhD student at Arizona State University where I will be working with Dr. Hannah Kerner on machine learning for remote sensing data.

While working at NASA Harvest, I completed my master's degree in Computer Science at the University of Maryland. My thesis was titled "Usable Machine Learning for Remote Sensing Data". Before joining NASA Harvest, I worked at a fintech start-up developing machine learning and data science solutions for automating trade finance document processing. I completed a BEng in Software Engineering at the University of Western Ontario where I developed an award-winning forest fire forecasting project for my capstone.


Tseng, G.*, Zvonkov, I.*, Purohit, M., Rolnick, D., and Kerner, H (2023). Lightweight, Pre-trained Transformers for Remote Sensing Timeseries. Preprint
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Zvonkov, I., Tseng, G., Nakalembe, C., and Kerner, H. (2023). OpenMapFlow: A Library for Rapid Map Creation with Machine Learning and Remote Sensing Data.
To appear in Proceedings of the 2023 AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence.
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Tseng, G., Zvonkov, I., Nakalembe, C., Kerner, H. (2021). CropHarvest: a global satellite dataset for crop type classification.
Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS) Datasets and Benchmarks
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May 2023 - Obtained Master's Degree
Successfully defended M.S. Thesis titled "Usable Machine Learning for Remote Sensing Data" and graduated from University of Maryland.

May 2023 - ICLR (International Conference on Learning Representations)
We hosted a successful 1st Workshop on Machine Learning for Remote Sensing at ICLR 2023 and Tutorial on the same at CMU Africa Website

Feb 2023 - AAAI (Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence)
Presented OpenMapFlow paper in the AI for Social Impact Track.

Feb 2023 - Maui Food Security Project
Kicked off project for combatting food security in Maui County using AI Article

Dec 2022 - AGU (American Geophysical Union) Fall Meeting
Presented OpenMapFlow library in: Leveraging Open Artificial Intelligence and Unsupervised Learning Techniques for Advancements in Earth Science.

Sept 2022 - SatSummit
Participated in panel on Localizing AI.

Aug 2022 - NASA SERVIR Eastern Africa Hub Training
Led multi-day session on Scalable Cropland Mapping.
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Jun 2022 - CVPR (Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition)
Co-organized tutorial with Dr. Hannah Kerner and Dr. Catherine Nakalembe titled:
Machine Learning for Remote Sensing: Agriculture and Food Security.
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May 2022 - Living Planet Symposium
Presented our work on the CropHarvest dataset and Helmets Labeling Crops.

Apr 2022 - Makere AI Lab and Kenya Space Agency visits
Demoed cropland mapping at scale.   Video